Tuesday, February 28, 2006

is it a club?

sometimes things are close, but how close is another question. be a western tourist in myanmar and you will get an egg and toast for breakfast. the hotels think they know westerners well. westerners eat egg and toast for breakfast. maybe you might get the knife and fork on the wrong side but you've got egg and toast. but look a little closer and you might see that its not real milk, or that the butter is on top of the jam or that the toast was taken out of the toaster yesterday.

the point i am trying to make is not one of complaint, but one alluding to the fact that copying too closely may not be the best option. ever thought that maybe westerners might like a myanmar breakfast?

the same is true in this picture. at first glances (maybe) you see a club or disco. if the people were white or black or chinese and you couldn't see the fence maybe it would be a little easier to imagine. but the longer you are there, the more things that are similar but seem not quite right you will notice. or maybe i can not see through my own biases and preconceptions too appreciate the uniqueness of factors.


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